Número: 4152

Autor: Arabella Hutter ,  Pully, Switzerland, 14 April 1966

Base: papel

medidas: 10 x 14 cm

Fecha Realización: Aug 18, 2016

Ubicación: New York

Materiales y Técnica:

Tomado de http://en.arabellahutter.com/prologue/. When I was a girl, la Dama de Elche featured in the first art book I was given. She was fascinating to me because, while I didn’t know who she was, she looked powerful and wise and kind. It was important to me that I feature this piece of art in my project The Thread – 100 women talk to their daughters over 2.500 years. Most of the drawings are inspired by women’s art. I took a leap of faith and hoped that la Dama de Elche came out of the hands of a talented Spanish woman sculptor. She is featured in the prologue, where I explain the personal pain that prompted the creation of this project. I added the tears in the background of the drawing to express suffering, but I hope her wisdom help me and the women in my family heal.

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